Rabu, 09 Oktober 2013

My First Group Tour Vacation: Pros & Cons Of Guided Tours

"I finished higher on the U.S. PGA Tour rankings compared to last year so that's another success for me." Swede Rikard Karlberg believes Choi's reign will end this week with the Asian Tour field catching up on the world number 119's home advantage. "KJ has shown us how strong and solid his game is.

The winner of multiple Grammys and former member of the Fugees was sentenced in July to three months in prison and three months of home detention. She lives in South Orange, N.J. Hill was released Oct. 4 from a federal facility in Danbury, Conn.

Tour Tennessee distilleries for moonshine and whiskey

When I say group tour, Im not counting the group participation active vacations like the road cycling trips Ive written about in these pages, or river rafting, safaris or heli-skiing, where I have been grouped with other people simply because we were doing the same activity. Im talking about an honest-to-goodness package trip where a group with a guide travels around a destination by bus, train and plane, visiting museums and sites and restaurants according to a very particular itinerary. These kinds of trips are incredibly popular worldwide, and for many good reasons, the three biggest being turnkey convenience; expert guides (if they are actually expert); and tremendous bang for the buck even for luxury travelers.

Dickel.com When tired of honky-tonking, discover that Nashville's burgeoning craft spirits scene offers a nice tune. Corsair Leading this movement is Corsair. Founded in 2010, Corsair Distillery is a national leader in the growing craft spirits movement, especially for whiskey.

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